Driver's Bag

Driver's Bag


Based on the 2011 movie “Drive” by Nicholas Winding Refn. An in-depth interpretation of the belongings of an anonymous getaway driver who is known only as “Driver”. The idea was to transform the main character so that his life could be explored while still retaining his anonymity.


As Driver lives out of only one bag, each item within this bag was carefully crafted, being as true to Driver's character as possible. There are also traces of Driver's love interest, Irene, within the belongings. The items are as follows:


An old car manual with the research document hidden inside

A Jekyll and Hyde book typed on a typewriter in which Driver and Irene wrote notes to each other

Maps of Downtown LA with getaway routes

Cashier's cheques in envelopes sent to Irene that have been returned to sender

Driver's jacket and gloves

Driver's car keys and USB


A cheap phone


During the design process, various experiments were carried out which included research into the US postal system in order to carry out an experiment in which I actually send off the envelopes with the intention of having them returned to sender with the relevant stamps across it, utilising a typewriter to best convey my message, experimenting which design would best represent a believable cashier's chequw, and finally working with new technology when designing the maps of Los Angeles ( beta version of Maperitive was used, there were various problems in the making of this).

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